The 2nd Quantum Revolution

Besides providing the most accurate description of nature so far, the extension of quantum mechanics to information & communication technologies (ICT) offers hitherto unknown potential.  We are now entering the 2nd Quantum Revolution, where we are technologically advanced enough to generate, manipulate and detect quantum states of single particles such as atoms or photons. This ability together with the curious quantum properties themselves, is the driver for new and disruptive innovations in ICT:


> Unconditional secure key exchange (Quantum Key Distribution) for cryptographic protocols

> Exponential speed-up of complex calculations with a Quantum Computer

> Quantum Sensors for precise measurements of environmental parameters and time

> Development of better chemicals and materials using quantum simulators


The Quantum Flagship project UNIQORN, lead by AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, is developing consumer ready quantum communication devices, so that you will be able to enjoy the magic of quantum technology from the comfort of your home.