With Christmas approaching, the four elves Ålice, Bøb, Carolina and Dag are once again up to assist Santa Claus in the distribution of this year’s Christmas presents and have to decide upon who will help Santa on his Reindeer sleigh. Unfortunately, last Christmas they used a classical telecommunication link to discuss who was responsible to aid Santa and eavesdropping Eve was able to discover this well-kept secret and ruined the surprise for Christmas. To avoid this disaster from happening again, they developed an entangled photon source based on the integration of a nonlinear crystal into a polymer photonic integration platform, the PolyBoard! Thanks to this source, Ålice and Bøb are now able to distribute a private key via Quantum key distribution for their discussion on how to choose Santas elf without Eve’s knowledge. Unfortunately the communication works only between the two of them and they would like to include the others into their discussion. But Ålice already has an idea and prepares two packages, one for Carolina in Finland and one for Dag in Norway.

To be continued…

Ålice’s and Bøb’s entangled photon source based on the integration of a periodically poled kalium titanyl phophate crystal
into the PolyBoard for the generation of entangled photon at 785 nm and 1550 nm.