Our world is moving towards the cloud. Sensitive records, both personal (health records, credit card numbers etc.) and enterprise (business plans, financial records etc.) are stored, processed and exchanged in the cloud. Data centers are becoming the cornerstone of the ongoing digital transformation and their security is of uttermost importance. Thus, cloud and infrastructure providers are working tirelessly to safeguard the Data Center from the current (classical) and future (quantum) threats. Towards this goal, Mellanox has interfaced its Bluefield SmartNIC with the MPD’s QRNG; providing this way the capability to exploit the true quantum randomness for strengthening the security of applications in the Data Center. Random numbers are essential for secure communications, since they are used for the generation of the session keys. The framework developed in the context of Uniqorn, allows the seamless integration of the QRNG with the Mellanox SmartNIC. This way, every application running on the NIC can take advantage of the true random numbers generated by the QRNG, without additional effort from the developer.