Now the time has come to determine this year’s Christmas elf! Who will it be: Ålice, Bøb, Carolina or Dag?

As we all know, delivering all parcels to all kids in the world in one night is a lot of work, and can be very exhausting. As it was leaked to the press by Eve last year, Carolina was picked for this job two years in a row, which in her opinion is an unfair distribution of the work. Even though the selection is carried out by a random number voting automate, Carolinae is worried to be elected again this year. Therefore, she also introduces a new PolyBoard to the other elves which might solve this problem: a quantum random number voting automate to achieve total fairness. For this, she coupled a PolyBoard chip to an array of single photon avalanche detectors, crafted by the finest CMOS fab in the elven kingdom. The other elves are astonished and want to try the quantum random number generator right away:

And the winner is:  …

Well, we will never know, because this Christmas seems to be very secretive and all the Christmas magic stays as magical as it is.

A quantum random number generator based on thermo-optical switches to achieve
single photon level and an optical splitter, coupled to either an array of single photon
avalanche detectors or a single mode fiber array.