Sensors for counting Single-Photons and a perfect Dice

Engineers at Micro Photon Devices Srl (MPD), Italy, have developed a wonderful chip able to detect the invisible!! Special sensors fabricated in the chip are able to see the smallest particles of which light is composed. What?? Light is made of particles?? At school they told me that light is a wave??!! Yes, light is a wave, but it is also made of tiny, tiny, tiny invisible particles called photons … each one with his own color, of course!

Thanks to these sensors, developed by MPD, researchers of the UNIQORN project will be able to develop a very special gift for Santa Claus who is always losing when playing dice with his friends Christmas elves … Of course: elves are using LOADED DICE !!!! … Indeed, the gift will be a pair of ideal dice where every side has exactly a probability of 1/6 of happening. In this way Santa will be able to continue enjoying playing with his friends without continuously losing the games … and his patience. And nobody wants Santa lose patience this time of the year! The ideal dice, also called by physicists Quantum Random Number Generator will be a key instrument, with all the new marvelous technology developed in the UNIQORN project, for building the next generation infrastructure of secure communications and helping EU citizens in having super-safe e-commerce transactions, protected health data exchange with respective doctors, truly private conversation with loved ones and much more. Merry Christmas to everybody.