The real UNIQORN story

There was once a faraway land – a little rugged island. For Christmas there was neither a “Santa”, nor a “Christkind” nor a “Tomte”. Every child of the island was eagerly waiting for the Uniqorn, who would fulfil all the wishes of the island’s children…
Then came the day that one child dreamt of a light machine. Unfortunately it was too big for the Uniqorn to carry it. An idea struck the Uniqorn: “With my magical horn, I can shine light and shrink the machine”. When all was said and done, the machine was small enough for the Uniqorn to carry it over the sea. And thus it came to be that all the children of the little island could enjoy the wonders of a light machine.

(Jeanne, 10 years old)

This is the story how UNIQORN became expert in shrinking optical systems and is henceforth providing quantum communication for everyone.