Cordon Electronics Italia (Italy) – Cordon

Cordon Electronics Italia leads in the support of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in the design, manufacture and integration of photonics and electronic products. Based in Milan, Italy, the company’s manufacturing services aims to optimize the manufacturing process, support client on prototyping and pre-series activity for new products, and perform design to cost program effectiveness. Currently, Cordon originally develops and manufactures Microwave modules and transceivers up to 80 GHz primarily geared for the telecommunications and defence markets, and is now expanding its service to other photonic markets like medical and aerospace. Cordon provides photonic packaging and integration services with extensive state of the art know how and network (supply chain, equipment suppliers, universities and research institutes) gathered through European projects and the team members background. The gathered know-how on photonic integration and packaging of components and modules based on Silicon Photonics, Indium Phosphide as well as hybrid integration technology platforms, is being made available for SME and large companies for packaging and product development service of photonic components and modules. Cordon offers custom packages to insure the best performance, but also generic packages when cost efficiency is critical, typically for (early) prototyping and low volume. If required, Cordon can also develop and integrate front and back end electronics, making use of the acquired experience in development and production of microwave electronics. To ease the access to photonic technologies, even for companies with none or limited photonic know-how, Cordon has a one-stop-shop for both photonic production and engineering. Cordon fills in the blanks in the companies’ know-how or production line, using its state of the art photonic experience and large network (supply chain, equipment suppliers, universities and research institutes) gathered in, amongst others, several European projects and coming from the team members back ground. For high volume customers, Cordon offers developing and testing both package as production process, which is then transferred once optimized and stable. Cordon is a company ISO 9001 certified.

Role in the project

CORDON will be mainly involved in the design, assembly and packaging of demonstrators which will be developed in WP5. The demonstrators will be packaged in suitable housing or integrated in demo boards to allow the handling the complexity of each demo unit in term of optical, electrical (DC and RF) I/O interfaces and thermal management of the modules. CORDON will be also involved in WP2, will collaborate with other partners in WP4 in the definition of design rules for assembly and packaging of demonstrators as well as in assembly of sub-assemblies required for the characterization of the demo unit prototypes. CORDON will also be involved in WP8 as industrial partner in Engineering and Manufacturing for the exploitation results of the project.

Key personnel

Andrea Annoni