Project Deliverables

The following contains a list of all deliverables of the UNIQORN project. Deliverables marked in italics are confidential and the full version will not be made available online. For all other deliverables, a summary as well as the full version will be made available after approval from the EC here. If you have particular further interest in one of our deliverables, please contact us!

WP1 Project Management

D1.1 Project handbook and quality assurance plan

D1.2 Data management plan

D1.3 Interim project activity and management report

D1.4 First management and progress report

D1.5 Second management and progress report

D1.6 Project final report

WP2 Quantum applications in communication networks, and system-level specifications

D2.1 Initial specifications of UNIQORN devices and initial definition of application scenarios

D2.2 Definition of UNIQORN quantum-optic integration platform, process flow and assembly methodology

D2.3 Preliminary System- and network level performance modelling of UNIQORN quantum communication engine

D2.4 Applicability studies and use cases of UNIQORN quantum technology in access, metro-core and datacenter networks

WP3 Weak coherent quantum communication technology

D3.1 Preliminary manufacturability report for monolithic InP quantum circuit integration

D3.2 Report on 1-GHz CV and 1×4 DV quantum receiver technology

D3.3 Preliminary design report on low-cost modulated DV source

D3.4 Report on 10-GHz CV and 4×4 efficiency-optimised DV quantum receiver technology

WP4 Photon-pair based quantum communication technology

D4.1 Report on quantum-optical polymer interposer and heralded photon engine

D4.2 Polarisation-entangled photon and squeezed light engine

D4.3 Advanced functionalities for hybrid polymer integration: quantum ROADM and switched heralded photon engine

D4.4 Time-bin entanglement and entangled squeezed light engine

WP5 Quantum circuit co-integration

D5.1 Fabrication and characterization of quantum ROADM

D5.2 Fabrication and characterization of QRNG and up-conversion receiver, including report on thermal studies

D5.3 Fabrication and characterization of low-noise CV receiver

D5.4 Fabrication and characterization of squeezed light source

D5.5 Fabrication and characterization of heralded and entangled photon sources

WP6 System integration, protocol implementation and application interfaces

D6.1 Preliminary report on NIC integration of QRNG engine

D6.2 One-time program implementation report

D6.3 Report on Quantum ROADM Whitebox

D6.4 Design and implementation of DPS QIoT system

D6.5 Design and implementation of OT-secured database system

Wp7 Performance evaluation of UNIQORN technology in lab and field

D7.1 Design and implementation of quantum-optic lab test-beds and definition of testing methodologies

D7.2 Intermediate report on UNIQORN performance evaluation in lab trials

Wp8 Dissemination and exploitation activities, manufacturability studies and roadmapping

D8.1 Factsheet and project presentation

D8.2 Website development and creation of social accounts

D8.3 Press release and communication Kit

D8.4 Promotion video availability

D8.5 First period exploitation plans and project dissemination

D8.6 Report on manufacturability and value engineering for UNIQORN quantum SoCs

D8.7 Report on market analysis, roadmap and (pre)-standardization efforts towards quantum networking

D8.8 Report on UNIQORN commercial exploitation potential and business opportunities

D8.9 Final press release