Quantum Security for Intra-DC Networks

The traditional model for Data Center security relies on technologies that are placed in the ingress and egress points of the network, analyzing and restricting incoming and outgoing traffic. In the past recent years, the rise of the public cloud, the exponential rise of east-west traffic as well as other trends like the wide use of virtualization and microservices all contribute to rendering the traditional security scheme insufficient. In the following years, encryption and strong security schemes will be used to protect the integrity and confidentiality of data-in-motion as well as data-in-rest inside the Data Center. In addition, the progress of Quantum Computing technologies creates the need to migrate from classical security schemes to information-theoretic secure solutions.

Mellanox as one of the leading Data Center equipment providers owns a strong portfolio of Network Interface Cards (NICs) and SmartNICs that are already employed by major Data Center owners. One of the most important tasks of these NICs is to offload the server CPUs from resource draining security tasks and provide efficient smart in-network security. Thus, providing support and compatibility for the latest security trends is a major focus for Mellanox NICs development. The UNIQORN project is a great opportunity for Mellanox to co-operate closely with partners that develop systems and components for quantum security applications and to better understand the future needs of intra-DC security. Mellanox targets on developing NICs that will be fully compatible with the quantum systems in order to provide state-of-the-art security as well as backwards compatibility with the already deployed DC servers, since the quantum security will be undertaken by the NIC. Starting with the extraction of randomness from a QRNG and the demonstration of an end-to-end encrypted link that uses seeds from the QRNG, Mellanox will:

  • actively participate in several other applications and tasks like one-time programs, low-cost DPS transmitter, programmable ROADM and EPR node etc.,
  • provide specifications and requirements for the components under development and
  • set-up a quantum communication lab test-bed in its premises.


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