D8.5 First period exploitation plans and project dissemination

Contributing Partners

UNIQORN Consortium

Executive Summary 

UNIQORN project aims at delivering the enabling photonic technology to commoditize quantum communications. UNIQORN relies on photonic integration to miniaturize quantum systems from their current lab bench dimensions into millimetre chips, and to dramatically reduce their cost and improve their robustness. Starting with advanced components optimised for quantum applications UNIQORN will shoehorn entire quantum-optic systems into system-on-chip (SoC) realizations, leading to highly miniaturized solutions for further system- and network-level integration. Selected quantum applications beyond simple quantum key distribution will build on UNIQORN’s highly integrated and yet cost-effective technology and will be evaluated in lab and field.
Work Package 8 “Dissemination and exploitation activities, manufacturability studies and roadmapping” plays a vital role in the project as it aims to link the project’s technical activities with tangible target outcomes for the consortium partners. The present deliverable report D8.5 “First period exploitation plans and project dissemination” describes the consortium’s methodology for exploiting project outcomes as well as its strategy for communication and dissemination of results.
The main exploitable outcomes of UNIQORN are identified and the main players and potential exploitation paths are highlighted. To facilitate further processing, the exploitable outcomes are listed in sub-categories: (a) software design and fabrication of quantum enhanced PICs; (b) integrated components for quantum comm devices; (c) tools for quantum networks; (d) quantum comm devices; and (e) applications. Parallel to the exploitable outcomes of the project as a whole, individual exploitation directions are provided by the project partners.
The communication and dissemination strategy of UNIQORN is described, elaborating on target audience, key messages, objectives of the relevant activities and means to achieve them. The main mechanisms for communication and dissemination has been setup since the early stages of the project and includes the project website, social media accounts, graphical identity, flyers and animation video. Several activities have been carried out during the first 18 months of the project such as scientific publications, conference and workshop presentations, preparations of lectures and theses and collaborations with other projects.