Institute of Communications & Computer Systems / National Technical University of Athens (Greece) – (ICCS/NTUA)

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is associated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). It was founded in 1989 in order to carry out research and development activities in the field of telecommunications systems and computer systems. ICCS employs more than 500 researchers including SECE faculty staff, senior research scientists, and PhD students. ICCS/NTUA will participate in UNIQORN with the Photonics Communications Research Laboratory (PCRL). PCRL was founded in 1995 as a research group of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens. It is led by Prof. Hercules Avramopoulos and it currently numbers 8 Senior Researchers and 11 PhD students. Its research activities focus on the design and implementation of photonic devices and systems for optical communication systems and datacom applications, including innovative solutions for high-capacity, flexible optical transmission networks, alloptical signal processing systems/subsystems, multi-wavelength sources for wavelength division multiplexing systems, and novel optical network architectures for datacentres. PCRL is a fully equipped laboratory with a range of state-of-the-art test and measurement systems, and a large number of passive and active photonic devices. It has worldwide links and collaborations with other top research institutes and industrial research organizations and its activities are supported by industrial grants, national and EU funded research programs. PCRL has significant presence and a proven track record with successful participation and leadership in a number of European projects: ICT-SPIRIT, ICT-PANTHER, ICT-POLYSYS, ICT-MIRAGE, ICT-PHOXTROT, ICT-PLATON, ICT-BOOM, ICT-APACHE, ICT-EUROFOS, ICT-BONE, CRAFT-MULTIWAVE, IST-LASAGNE, IST-MUFINS, IST-e- Photon/One, ESPRIT DO-ALL.

Role in the project

ICCS/NTUA will participate in the system-level modelling activities and will be responsible for the system design
of the quantum ROADM circuitry on the polymer platform and the execution of the bulk of the system tests in lab
settings. ICCS/NTUA will participate within WP2 activities by contributing mainly in T2.1, T2.4 and T2.5. ICCS/NTUA will lead the UNIQORN activities related to the pluggable transmitter for DSP-QKD applications (T3.2). Testing activities and application-oriented experiments on ICCS/NTUA classical-light testbed of polymer chips and integrated quantum circuitries will be performed within WP4. ICCS/NTUA will also participate in the system-integration activities of T6.1 for low-cost DPS quantum communication system and will contribute to WP7 activities via its installed field fiber link. Finally, Christos Kouloumentas from ICCS/NTUA will act the Technical Manager of the project.

Key personnel

Hercules Avramopoulos

Christos Kouloumentas

Giannis Giannoulis

Dimitris Zavitsanos