Mellanox Technologies Ltd (Israel) – MLNX

Mellanox Technologies (MLNX) is a supplier of end-to-end InfiniBand and Ethernet interconnect solutions and services for servers and storage. Mellanox offers a choice of interconnect products: adapters, switches, software, cables and silicon for a range of markets including computing, enterprise Data centers, Web 2.0, Cloud, Storage and financial services. Mellano ’ top notch equipment is preferred among HPC cluster managers: Mellanox connects 39% of TOP500 systems (192 systems) as well as all of 25G, 40G and 100G Eth. systems in the TOP500 list. MLNX accelerates 2 of the TOP5 supercomputers. The company has over 2900 employees globally and 2/3 of its global workforce is hosted in Israel, with a significant portion (~1500) conducting research and development. Mellanox has several R&D centers in Europe with main HQ being in Denmark, Netherland, UK, Czech Republic and Sweden. MLNX offers a broad portfolio of optical interconnect products (active optical cables, transceivers and mid-board optical modules), including multi- and single-mode solutions for various deployment scenarios in different datacenter tiers. Mellanox is strongly involved in photonics research activities aiming at promising transceiver technologies for beyond 400 Gb/s interconnects (e.g. silicon photonic, plasmonics, high-speed VCSELs etc.) MLNX is a vertically integrated company developing in-house a broad range of network interface cards (NICs), switches, network processors as well as the associated management software. Mellanox has a breadth of research activities in the fields of High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, storage, network function virtualization (NFV), advanced network acceleration technologies (RDMA, DPDK), switch programmability, Big Data, virtualization and cloud. Mellanox has pioneered the development of an end-to-end commercial solution for 200 Gb/s, combining its photonics and systems developments in a complete offering.

Role in the project

MLNX will contribute to technical activities in WP2, WP6, WP7 and WP8. The company’s main contribution is in WP6 and WP7. Within WP6 MLNX will focus on the integration of QRNG functionality on its network adapter (NIC) and will support AIT towards implementing the institute’s in-house protocol stack in its BlueField NIC. In WP7 Mellano will lead the evaluation of UNIQORN technology on Cosmote’s testbed. Additionally Mellano will contribute to the use case definitions and component specifications in WP2 and will lead exploitation dissemination and communication in WP8.

Key personnel

Paraskevas Bakopoulos

Giannis Patronas