Micro-Photon-Devices S.r.l. (Italy) – (MPD)

Micro Photon Devices (www.micro-photon-devices.com) is a dynamic production and engineering company founded in July 2004 and based in Bolzano, Italy. The company is a spin-off of Politecnico di Milano and Microgate S.r.L., a company with a well-consolidated development and production activity in the field of Adaptive optics. The standard products by MPD are single-photon counting and timing modules. MPD has currently five highly qualified full-time employees: three postdoc researchers, with in-depth know-how of SPAD device fabrication, of gated/free-running active quenching electronics and of their applications; two skilled technicians responsible for the assembling, and testing of photon counting and timing modules. After the exploratory phase, the company has been profitable since 2006 and exports world-wide 95% of these products. Besides standard production, MPD is also available to develop custom designs and specific applications related to photon counting detection technology. MPD has initially developed three series of Silicon photon counting modules (standard, fibre-coupled, photon detection carrier), and recently introduced also an InGaAs/InP based photon counting module, a single photon imaging array with 2048 SPAD pixels, and a SPAD based Quantum RNG.

Role in the project

MPD role will be mainly in WP3. MPD will provide already available CMOS SPADs and related control electronics to the consortium, in order to perform preliminary tests to better tailor the performance of the new arrays. Following these initial tests, MPD will design and fabricate in the same technology a 1×4 SPAD array including also the coincidence electronics. MPD will also characterize the new arrays in WP7, it will provide the necessary test boards and support to the integrating partner in WP5, and it will contribute to specification definition in WP2.

Key Personnel

Andrea Giudice

Simone Tisa