Technical University of Denmark (Denmark) – DTU

The main focus of the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is to carry out research in technical and natural sciences that contributes to the development of society. Some of the current profile areas are nano-, information and communication technology. DTU is among the best ranked technical universities in Europe. The Department of Physics at DTU has significant and internationally recognized activities in quantum optics and quantum information. The ‘Quantum Physics and Information Technology’ (QPIT) section is led by Prof U. L. Andersen and conducts research within the field of quantum technology with a particular focus on continuous variable (CV) quantum information processing (QIP) and communication at the telecom wavelength as well as non-classical light generation, in particular squeezed, entangled two-mode squeezed and optical cat states.  The group has pioneered a number of firstever contributions in CV-QIP such as a squeezed states quantum key distribution (QKD), CV quantum error correction and CV measurement-device independent QKD.

Role in the project

DTU will be responsible for the definition of the specifications and the design of the oblivious transfer system of
UNIQORN, for the development of the squeezed entangled state source in the form of a system-on-chip prototype, and for the overall development and system integration of the oblivious transfer system for private database access, DTU will also participate in the development and characterization of the squeezed light source in the polymer platform, and the development of the homodyne/heterodyne receiver on the InP platform in WP3.

Key Personnel

Tobias Gehring

Ulrik Andersen