TU Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – (TUE)

The Eindhoven University of Technology is the National Center of the Netherlands for Research on III/V semiconductors and optoelectronics. It hosts the Institute of Photonic Integration (IPI, formerly COBRA Research Institute). IPI is the Research Institute for Optical Communication Technology of the Eindhoven University of Technology. It employs more than 150 scientists and technicians working on material, device and systems research. IPI is one of the world’s leading institutes in the field of Photonic Integration. It has been recognized as a centre for e cellence by NWO in 2012 with a “Gravitation Award”. It holds a number of world records on device miniaturisation and integration complexity. IPI-TUE has a long-standing experience in national and European research projects, including the FP6 NoE ePIXnet, where it took a leading role in the creation of the InP-technology platform JePPIX (the Joint European Platform for Photonic Integration of InP-based Components and Circuits), in which Europe's key players in the fields of InP PIC manufacturing, Photonic CAD, equipment development, and technology R&D are cooperating in order to introduce a generic foundry model in photonics. COBRA-TUE was coordinator of the EuroPIC and PARADIGM projects for development of photonic foundry platforms.

Role in the project

TUE will work in close collaboration with SMART on simulation models with the aim to contribute to the development of a quantum-grade InP integration platform. Moreover,  TUE will participate in the low-level design of the optical circuit and the components that will be developed on the InP platform for the modulated coherent state source and the balanced homodyne/heterodyne receiver. The actual fabrication of these circuits will be carried out by SMART on its platform.

Key Personnel

Xaveer Leijtens

Ozan Çirkinoglu