Flexible User/Cloud-Centric Entanglement Distribution with Synthesizable Network Node


Flexible User/Cloud-Centric Entanglement Distribution with Synthesizable Network Node


Fabian Laudenbach, Bernhard Schrenk, Martin Achleitner, Nemanja Vokic, Dinka Milovancev, Hannes Hübel


The practical roll-out of quantum communication technologies in optical networks and the adoption of novel quantum applications demand the distribution of single or entangled photons. Flexibility and dynamicity is paramount for the provision of quantum resources, in order to scale with the number of users and to meet the demand of complex network architectures. We present a quantum network architecture that features this degree of reconfigurability, without being restricted to a rigid physical-layer network based on purely passive multiplexing componentry. We leverage spectral assets of photon-pair sources, from the short-wavelength band to the L-band, and agile spatial switching at a remote optical network node in order to realize a flexible distribution map that features different flavors, reaching from cloud-centric to user-centric quantum connectivity. Entanglement distribution is experimentally demonstrated at high visibility for five users in a 17-km reach, tree-shaped optical network. The delivered photon rate can be dynamically adjusted between the users by a factor of 2.5. Penalty-free operation is confirmed for integrating a co-existing classical control channel within the quantum.


Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (JSTQE)