Quantum advantage for probabilistic one-time programs

One-time programs, computer programs which self-destruct after being run only once, are a powerful building block in cryptography and would allow for new forms of secure software distribution. However, ideal one-time programs have been proved to be unachievable using either classical or quantum resources. …

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UNIQORN at EU ICT 2018 Conference



On 5th of December, UNIQORN participated in the EU ICT 2018 Conference, which as open and participatory event discusses the future of the digital Europe and was hosted in Vienna in 2018.

Marie-Christine Röhsner from University of Vienna and Hannes Hübel from AIT delivered talks themed “Quantum computing – why should I care?” and “Building our digital society on the foundations of quantum physics”, followed by a lively discussion on the benefits and dangers that are to be unlocked in the upcoming years. We were also happy to join forces with our Quantum Flagship partner Stephanie Wehner from the QIA to promote the importance of quantum technology.

Furthermore, AIT conducted a public experiment to explain the guiding of optical signals to interested individuals not skilled in the art. The principle of waveguiding in optical fibers or photonic integrated circuits has been demonstrated in a hands-on experiment by streaming classic music carried by optical light through a water jet.

More than 6000 participants attended the EU ICT 2018 from all over Europe!

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EU QT Flagship kick-off event

© Quantum Flagship

As one of the funded Flagship projects, UNIQORN was actively participating in the festive launch of the European Quantum Flagship on 29th and 30th of November, 2018. Among the various application domains, quantum communication received prominent attention, resulting in an allocation of 4 of the 12 thematic projects to this important pillar. The complementary nature of these quantum communication projects promise cross-pollination among them, as it was also pointed out during the strategic discussions within the Science and Engineering Board.

The UNIQORN partners that participated in the kick-off event were actively engaged in the discussions on the strategic research agenda and the implementation of the Quantum Technology Flagship and could disseminate the objectives of UNIQORN through distribution of technical leaflets. AIT as the project leader presented UNIQORN during the poster session, which was positively recognised by the event participants.

We are looking forward to the next Flagship event in Grenoble in February 2019, co-located with the European Quantum Technologies Conference.

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UNIQORN Kick-off meeting

The UNIQORN project was kicked-off from 9th to 10th of October in the beautiful city of Athens, where the end of summer was blowing fresh wind in our sails – proudly being part of the fleet of the European Quantum Technology Flagship.

It was a pleasure to see two communities – quantum physics and photonics – fusing together in a joint undertaking towards cost-effective quantum technology that will pave the way for mass market applications. The partners presented their ideas and strategies to make this important step happening within the proposed timeframe.

UNIQORN is also proud to involve female scientists with strong motivation to conduct cutting-edge science. Several further job opportunities as post-doctoral researchers have been pointed out by the partners and we would like to encourage interested PhD students in their final year to get in touch with the UNIQORN partners.

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