Co-existence of 9.6 Tb/s Classical Channels and a Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) Channel over a 7-core Multicore Optical Fibre

This paper presents a record-high co-existence DP-16QAM coherent transmission of 9.6Tb/s for classical channels with one discrete-variable quantum key distribution channel over a 7-core Multicore fibre. We demonstrate that effective secret key generation is possible even with the combined crosstalk effect of the six adjacent cores over the quantum channel. Additional measurements show the impact on the secret key rate and QBER by adding coherent optical channels in different cores.

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UNIQORN – Making quantum photonics affordable


UNIQORN – Making quantum photonics affordable


Blending on-chip ultrathin-film elements, nonlinear crystals, polymer interposers, and single-photon detectors, the UNIQORN project aims to develop a quantum system-on-chip methodology that brings low-cost assembly to the field of quantum optics.


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Quantum, which colour suits you best?

At OFC 2019 in San Diego we posed the question how a practical integration of quantum channels into passive optical access networks could look like. To do so, we should first pay attention to the FSAN roadmap. 5G is on the brink of being rolled out together with its optical fronthauling over cloud-radio limited reach of ~20 km, while access standards incorporate wavelength stacking towards 4 lanes of 10 Gb/s. The good news is: NG-PON2 with its WDM overlay is spectrally allocated at the C- and L-bands. This blanks out the O-band, and if we expect fiber deployment to dismiss legacy solutions, there is really much unoccupied space down there at 1310 nm.

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D2.1 Initial Specifications of UNIQORN Devices and Initial Definition of Application Scenarios

The second quantum revolution is imminent and quantum communications is one of the main reasons since it has been identified as information-theoretical secure for data transmission. However, to achieve quantum communication networks, available compact and highperformance modules are needed together with deployed experimental testbeds for the evaluation of these modules with real application scenarios. …

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D8.3 Press release and communication kit

Communication and dissemination of project results is of major importance for the project participants. The goal of the project partners is to raise awareness, inform and engage the target audience and promote the project’s results. For these reasons we published a press release at the beginning of the project and designed the project’s communication kit. …

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D8.2 Website development and creation of social accounts

In this document we present the UNIQORN website and the Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. The UNIQORN website and social media accounts have been set up in the first project month aiming at raising awareness about the project, informing and engaging with the target audience and promoting the project’s outputs and results. …

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D8.1 Factsheet and project presentation

This deliverable presents the UNIQORN factsheet and the project’s overview presentation. The project factsheet contains information about the project idea and the project participants and will be distributed in various scientific and industry events where the project partners are planning to participate. …

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